Coronavirus has affected how we say goodbye to our loved ones. However, family and friends must be informed of the passing of a loved one, even if they are unable to attend the funeral. A Funeral Notice takes away the stress and can be created in a matter of minutes and contains all the information you need to share.

Bring family and friends together.

Share funeral day details in one simple message.

Create A Funeral Notice | £19.99 was created by Ash and his wife Donna following the loss of their grandmother.

"Having worked in the funeral business for over 30 years, I thought I understood what it took to organise a funeral, but when I lost my grandmother, reality hit. I hadn’t fully appreciated the emotional task of letting everyone know of our loss. Communicating the funeral day details became a huge challenge. There had to be an easier way, and that’s where the idea for came from. It’s a really simple way of ensuring that everyone your loved one knew can be informed about their passing. It gives them the chance to pay their respects, including those the family may not have been in direct contact with."

Ash & Donna
Founders -

Make things a little simpler at a time when you need it most.

How it works

The process has been designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible.

Step 1.
Create your Funeral Notice by filling out the form with date, time, location, and a photo. You also have the option to add links for Donations, to view a Webcast, and even send Flowers. Then just add up to two mobile numbers to send your Funeral Notice to.

Step 2.
Once complete, preview your Funeral Notice. Make the payment which will automatically send your created Funeral Notice.

Step 3.
A link to your created Funeral Notice is sent via SMS text message to the recipient numbers added. They are then able to access the Funeral detail from the link and forward to friends and family.

Create A Funeral Notice | £19.99