Why pre-plan a funeral?

Pre-planning your funeral can ease the burden from your loved ones.

They would not need to worry about making difficult, stressful decisions regarding your funeral. For example, do you wish to be buried or cremated? Often, not leaving behind a Funeral Plan can cause disagreement amongst family and friends.

Another benefit of a Funeral plan is financial security, which allows you to plan ahead for the cost of your funeral.

A funeral is an important event for your grieving family and friends. It can be difficult to make a funeral as you wished for when you do not have much time to plan.

Pre-planning a funeral also means all your final wishes will be made the way you intend.

If you decide a pre-planned funeral is for you, then an essential part of the process will be to create A Funeral Notice. This Funeral Notice will ensure that everything runs smoothly for your well-wishers on the day and won’t have any issues finding the location of your funeral.

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